Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Maybe we've answered it below. If not, you can always contact us.

Q: Do I Get To Keep What I Download?

A: You are free to keep the media you download from this site, even if, sniff sniff, you should decide to cancel your subscription. We just ask that you do not redistribute our stills. Please keep them for your churches use only.

Q: Is There a Limit to What I Can Download?

A: There is no limit! As long as you have an active subscription, you can download as many stills as we have available.

Q: What Format Are Stills Downloaded In?

A: Our stills come downloaded as JPG files. As a subscriber, you will have two different formats to download, a standard 4:3 ratio version and a widescreen 16:9 version. All of our files are a minimum of 72dpi, but we are increasing the size of newer files.

Q: How Can I Use The Stills?

A: You can use them in any way for your church, organization or event. These files are not indended to be used in print designs, but if you can find a way to make that work, go for it! If you have a special request regarding one of our designs, feel free to contact us and take advantage of our custom services.

Q: Why Only Stills? Will You Offer Motion Backgrounds?

A: We only do stills because that is what we are best at and we know that there are churches that just need the simplicity of good stills. This is also how we keep our costs down so the price is low for you. Will we ever offer motion backgrounds? We don't do that here. If you want motion backgrounds, take a look at our good friends Shift Worship or find great sermon video illustrations from The Skit Guys.

Q: How Do I Join?

A: That's easy! Just click here to subscribe. When you join, you are subscribing for 1 year, and will be charge each year until you cancel. We make canceling easy too, so you don't have to be worried about being stuck in an endless loop!